Sansha's Nation
: NullSec
Erlaubte Schiffe: alle
Typ: Anomalie (Combat)
Deutscher Titel: Verlassener Sansha-Versammlungsort

Popup: Sansha's Nation was founded well over a century ago. Sansha was a Caldari tycoon who carved out a sizable piece of space for himself; there, he set out to create an utopian state. His vision and charm attracted thousands of people, and for some time the Nation flourished. But Sansha became ever more warped as his success increased. He started experiments, combining capsule technology with the human mind, creating zombie-like creatures having the cold, calculating minds of computers, yet retaining the ingenuity of humans. When this terrifying truth became public knowledge, Sansha w        as condemned, and special forces from each of the great empires joined forces to bring him down. His "true Sansha" servitors were decimated, scattered to the furthest reaches of known space. Remnants still remain far in the outer regions, but the once-glorious Nation has been reduced to small gangs of pirates and pillagers.


Sansha Forsaken Rally Point

7 Schifftrümmer werden von einigen Sansha Schiffen bewacht.

Erste Welle

  • 1-2 Battleships (Centus Beast Lord/Plague Lord) - Tracking Disruptor
  • 1-2 Elite Cruiser (Centum Loyal Fiend/Hellhound/Mutilator/Torturer)

Zweite Welle

  • 2-3 Battleships (Centus Beast Lord/Plague Lord) - Tracking Disruptor
  • 2-3 Elite Frigates (Centi Loyal Butcher/Enslaver/Manslayer/Plague)

Dritte Welle

  • 2-3 Battleships (Centus Dark Lord/Overlord)
  • 2-3 Cruiser (Centum Fiend/Hellhound/Mutilator/Torturer)

Vierte Welle

  • 2-3 Battleships (Centus Dread Lord/Tyrant)
  • 2-3 Elite Frigates (Centi Loyal Minion/Ravener/Scavenger/Servant) - web/scramble

Fünfte Welle

  • 3-4 Battleships (Centus Dread Lord/Tyrant)
  • 3-4 Battlecruiser (Centatis Behemoth/Daemon/Devil/Phantasm/Specter/Wraith)

Sechste Welle

  • 3-4 Battleships (Centus Dread Lord/Tyrant)
  • 3-4 Elite Cruiser (Centum Loyal Fiend/Hellhound/Mutilator/Torturer)

Siebte Welle

  • 3-4 Battleships (Centus Dark Lord/Overlord)

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